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This is where any fanfiction for Gundam Wing will be posted. Later on, I may change the layout to include other's stories, but this depends on whether anyone sends me their work. Note: I'm looking for quality over quantity. Check and double-check your work before sending it in. Thank you.

Also: All work here is YAOI. This is MALE/MALE RELATIONSHIPS. If you don't like this, then this fanfiction isn't for you.

ANOTHER Also: These are all 1x2, which means HeeroxDuo, with Heero as seme, or dominant. If you like it, read on. If you don't, don't read. Any flames on this coupling will be used for a good laugh. Thank you for your understanding.


My Gundam Wing Fanfiction:

Stories (Chapters):

Fangs of the Wolf (incomplete)

Footsteps (COMPLETE)


Sub Rosa (incomplete)



If You Love Me


The Dragon

The Jester


It's mine. ><

Every story unless otherwise claimed is Kayura's, and is copyrighted 2006 under her name.