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All-Over Disclaimer: Yu-Gi-Oh! is not mine, obviously, since I cut out any traces of card playing.
Overall rating of about PG-13, though maybe eventually R for some. For right now, I'm cutting myself down to merely one story. The PG-13 is there mostly for violence and, I guess, the in-character 'friendship' shpiels - you need a strong stomach for this stuff.


Written and begun solely because I didn't like the ending. And this would be because of two reasons. One: people that are that close should never part irrevocably. Two: I like the Puzzleshipping couple (AtemxYuugi). NO Anzu/ANYONE pairing. *shivers*


The Rise of the Abyss

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Every story unless otherwise claimed is Kayura's, and is copyrighted 2006 under her name.