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Well, here's my web page for everything I've written. This will be where I update first. Feel free to snoop around or even get in touch with me to put your own stories up here. This page is open for any stories. Straight pairings, yaoi pairings, even yuri pairings. If you're looking for good fanfiction or original fiction, this is the right place.

This site will have many different places for many different areas of fiction. This includes YAOI - MALE/MALE RELATIONSHIPS. This is the main WARNING for this site. If you don't like it, don't read it. There will be warnings for each yaoi piece for those who only want the straight pairings.



July 10th 2009 - URGENT ANNOUNCEMENT!!! According to Tripod, they're changing things, and unless I officially start paying for this site (something I'm not prepared to do for another year and a half, after I graduate from college), this site will be frozen as-is until I do so. Considering this, I decided to attempt to return to Fanfiction.net, despite how much I love personally having my site to update. I've tried for an alternative, but my wiles on the computer are non-existent and I'm forced to do this. To all my fans, I am truly sorry. Look for me on fanfiction? LOVE YOU ALL! ;_;

June 15th 2009 - Two more chapters of Sub Rosa. I should be getting more out than this, I know, and I apologize. I'm having so much fun enjoying my break that I'm letting it go a little bit and am focusing on Sub Rosa a lot. My bad?

June 4th 2009 - Two more chapters of Sub Rosa.

May 24th 2009 - Yeah, it's like I've been putting off working on my stories. I've only gotten another Sub Rosa chapter up, and I've introduced a story I've been trying to not get too involved in (yeah, obviously failed there). Of course everything is going to be finished... eventually. >_< Oh! And as of yesterday, I am officially 21! Legal to drink! W00t!!!

May 8th 2009 - Wow, this is really bad. Special THANK YOU to E and T (you know who you are) for getting me out of my funk. I've started the new Sub Rosa saga with its first chapter and finally updated my original stories, or at least I've posted a new chapter for Necromancer, Ad Vitam Aeternam (For All Time), and Angel. *bows* I am SO SORRY!!!

April 11th 2009 - Unfortunately, due to an overload of stress, I've only gotten out a new chapter of FotW. I'm trying to figure out what to do with everything have on my plate in my personal life, so please be patient and bear with me. I apologize, but sometimes life really does just get in the way.

March 28th 2009 - Whoo-hoo, I made it! Well, I know it's late, but due to Spring Break I managed to squirm away from my schoolwork and get two chapters of Sub Rosa done, along with another chapter of Fangs of the Wolf. Hope you enjoy!

March 15th 2009 - Ack, missed it by a day again. Well, two chapters of Sub Rosa and one of Fangs of the Wolf, so hopefully this makes up for the day's extra wait.

February 27th 2009 - Well, as I said, several updates. I've gotten up another chapter of Sub Rosa and Necromancer, along with a new Gundam Wing one-shot called Emaciated. Hope this sates your appetite for a while. ^__^

February 21st 2009 - Well, a day late, but I'm giving you two chapters of Sub Rosa to make up for it. ^_^

February 6th 2009 - Well, I recall something about several updates coming up, and here are a few. A new chapter of Sub Rosa, Fangs of the Wolf, and Ad Vitam Aeternam (For All Time). Enjoy! ^__^

February 3rd 2009 - As I said, quick updates. But it's 6:30 in the morning and I should probably get some sleep before my classes, so it's only one more chapter of Sub Rosa despite how much I have to put up here. Hope you enjoy and take care, everyone!

January 30th 2009 - Well, geez, Happy New Year, people. I've been kind've pissed lately. Look, this entire wait was NOT my fault. I've gotten three chapters up, and only that much because I have schoolwork to do and I can't continue messing around with this site. It, by the way, broke down on me. I couldn't do a THING; I couldn't even inform you of why I was taking so damn long. I apologize to EVERYONE. I hope my updates (which should hopefully be frequent if my good luck actually holds for once) make up for it a little bit. Please try your best to be patient with both me and the site. Thank you SO much, all you faithful readers.

December 08 2008 - Okay, it's 2 in the morning and I've been updating for FIVE AND A HALF HOURS now because this site isn't cooperating, so ADORE ME!!! Especially since, in true thanks for Thanksgiving, I have brought you: 1 new chapter of Sub Rosa, the beginning of the fourth saga, 1 new chapter of Fangs of the Wolf, 1 new short story, commissioned by Silver Cateyes (^_^), and 1 new piece of The Grant Series for Yami no Matsuei. IT's over 90 pages total, people! Am I awesome or what?!

November 24th 2008 - Yeah, I know, all this and only a chapter of Sub Rosa. I know, I know! But at least Thanksgiving Break is coming up... right? >_< Anyway, my Site Builder Editing Hellper Thing is messing up or something, and it's really annoying to work around, so this is it for now.

November 09th 2008 - Yay, within two weeks! >_< Another chapter of both Sub Rosa and Ad Vitam Aeternam. YAY OBAMA!!! *ahem*

October 25th 2008 - That's right, a quick update! O_O Everyone shut up. Another chapter of Sub Rosa and the short story The Jester available. ^__^ Hope this helps convey my apologies.

October 19th 2008 - Okay, you know the whole apology thing by now, right? Only one chapter of Sub Rosa to show for the wait.

September 28th 2008 - A thousand apologies! A new chapter of SR, FotW, and Ad Vitam Aeternam. Again, I'm sorry.

September 9th 2008 - I'm sorry I'm so busy! I didn't manage to say that I'm working from nine in the morning to about two in the morning, but at least now it's only to about ten at night. So yeah, a little slow on the updates. Still, I have another chapter of Sub Rosa for you. And any worried about FotW, yes, I'm still writing it, but I'm sending out SR more because there are a lot of people clammering for it. Another chapter of FotW should be up soon. Thanks, minna!

August 30th 2008 - I know, I know! Only one chapter of Sub Rosa and that's it after all this time?! But I'm on-duty here from nine to... oh, now... so I don't have much time... >_< Sorry!!!

August 2nd 2008 - Ugh, busy busy busy. Only one chapter of Sub Rosa, sorry. >_<

July 19th 2008 - So my only excuse this time is that I've been working on something for college. >_< But I've given you two chapters of Sub Rosa, so it's like I updated each week... right? By the way, FotW is giving me some trouble, so it'll be a while til I get something up. But fear not! It shall not be abandoned!!! >_<

July 6th 2008 - Okay wow it's working again for a short time so I'm posting very quickly. Due to the wait, you have TWO chapters of Sub Rosa to read, plus the next chapter of Ad Vitam Aeternam. I hope this makes up for it.

June 24th 2008 - Sorry for the wait; the Internet's on the fritz again. >< Anyway, a new chapter of Sub Rosa and Fangs of the Wolf. Sorry Sub Rosa's short; the next one's going to be even shorter, but it should clarify a few things...

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