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Old Updates

June 15th 2008 - Hello! Sorry for the wait; I've been used as a cleaning tool these past... well, this entire week. >< Anyway, a new chapter of Sub Rosa, Fangs of the Wolf, and Ad Vitam Aeternam (For All Time). Hope you enjoy!

June 07th 2008 - Hello again. A new chapter of Sub Rosa, The Fallen, and Ad Vitam Aeternam. Enjoy! ^^

May 31st 2008 - I'm trying to make up for lost time with the entrance of... THE PINK SAGA!!! Da-Dah!!! The Prologue and first chapter are up, but I warn you: I don't like them. They go far too fast. Sorry about that, but I won't know how to fix it until I get further into the story...

May 28th 2008 - OMG I'm so sorry. I got out of my finals with a 3.5 and my birthday was on the 23rd, so I wanted to have a lot out, but the Internet here collapsed (WHY ME?!), so I'm very, very sorry for the wait. Because of it, I've given you a new chapter of Sub Rosa, Fangs of the Wolf, and Necromancer. I also introduced a story I've been working on named Ad Vitam Aeternam (For All Time). You now have the Prologue and the first chapter. Please enjoy, and again, I'm very sorry.

May 11th 2008 - OMG guys I am sorry but it's final time. I have three finals and a fifteen-page paper to do, let alone packing up to leave. I have NO free time. Please forgive me - only a new chapter of Sub Rosa, because it seems that's the one you guys want updated the quickest. There you go. Again, very sorry.

April 27th 2008 - Okay, it's two thirty in the morning and I'm updating. Another chapter of Sub Rosa and Fangs of the Wolf. I was going to try to get more up, but I'm REALLY sleepy. *yawns* I'll catch you all later.

April 22, 2008 - Okay, a couple things. One: I'm getting near the end of school, so things are getting hectic. Worse, I don't know how things are going to go Internet-wise during the summer. I apologize now. I have a new chapter of Sub Rosa up for you, a sort of consolation. Enjoy.

April 17th, 2008 - Kind of bummed, so I'm trying to happify myself by writing. Good for you, ne? Gundam Wing drabble Regrets put up, along with a chapter of Sub Rosa. Enjoy.

April 13, 2008 - STILL overworked. A paper and a test due tomorrow... but BECAUSE I LOVE YOU ALL, I got out another chapter of Sub Rosa. WORSHIP ME!!! ><

April 7th 2008 - OMG, I've been SO overworked. But because I love you guys, I worked on Sub Rosa instead of my schoolwork...>< So a chapter of Angel and Sub Rosa for you! LOVE ME, PEOPLE!!!

March 31st 2008 - Hey there. I'm actually kind of bummed; I got flamed in Creative Writing class by some students for my short story... wow, they were mean. Anyway, here's another update, with Sub Rosa and Fangs of the Wolf. Hope you enjoy!

March 26th 2008 - My very first drabble, Burning Bright, added to Naruto Fanfiction.

March 25th 2008 - Because I love you all, and because I'm sorry about taking so long before, here's another quick update, with a chapter of Sub Rosa and Necromancer. ^^ Hope you enjoy.

March 23rd 2008 - Okay, I am SOOO sorry; I went on vacation, to my aunt's. They have a house on the Chesapeake Bay, which is always cold and apparently loses its phone and Internet connections when a really strong wind blows through. >< No Internet at all. I'm giving you another chapter of Sub Rosa and Fangs of the Wolf. I'll have more soon, but I wanted this out ASAP. Special apology to snowdragonct. I hope this helps you out of your slump. ^^

March 9th 2008 - I know, I know! You've waited so long, and all I've done is added a chapter to Fangs Of The Wolf, but my teachers are going psychotic due to the eminent Spring Break. I have a project due Friday that hasn't been fully explained yet and a test of Wednesday, as well. I haven't had time to write! ;_; I hardly have time to do this update... I'm sorry! But at least I'll be on break soon... that's good... right? And thank you SOOOO much to those who have left me messages here! I love you so!

February 28th 2008 - Not much free time, but I added a chapter for Necromancer and Sub Rosa. I'm going to try my hardest to keep my promise!!!

February 23rd 2008 - I would've updated sooner, but classes are a hassle. I don't have much free time. A very small update, with only one chapter for The Fallen and Angel. I want to try to keep everything fairly close together update-wise, and I have a lot of new ideas... I just don't know how many people are actually reading...

February 11th 2008 - In accordance to some fears, I have started another Gundam Wing fanfiction, though it concerns me because the storyline is a bit weak. It's called Fangs of the Wolf and has officially been introduced with the first two chapters. Another chapter of Sub Rosa is also up. I have more I can put up, but I want to wait for when I have less time to write, so that fairly regular updates will be available. Please be patient, and thank you all for reading.

January 29th 2008 - A much quicker update, with a new chapter for Sub Rosa, Necromancer, and The Fallen. yee-ha and stuff, but school has started again. >< Wish me luck?

January 20th 2008 - Again, I'm sorry for the wait. This time I have an excuse; my laptop completely broke down, and I had to buy a new one and try to get all my saved stuff onto it. >< It took a while. Anyway, entrance of Naruto Fanfiction with "Naruto Christmas Special," which contains MAJOR SPOILERS. Then another chapter of Sub Rosa and The Fallen.

October 27th 2007 - I am SO SORRY about these slow updates. I never knew sophomore year would be so horrendous. My teachers are psychotic. Anyway... finished Only You. Also introduced Angel to the Internet with its prologue and first chapter. Also got another chapter of Necromancer up. Enjoy, because the next update will also be a while in coming...

August 29th 2007 - So much for quick updates, ne? Apparently my Dad, whom I stayed with over the summer, has no Internet. Uber Stone Age. Anyway, I've put up two new chapters of Sub Rosa and my first one-shot, If You Love Me. And a new chapter of Only You. I can promise the end of Only You in the next few updates.

May 24th 2007 - Uh, yesterday was my birthday. Yay for the big nineteen. Anyway, apologies for the long wait and small update. New chapter for Footsteps (COMPLETED) and Necromancer. Can assure more updates soon.

April 19th 2007 - New chapter for Sub Rosa, Footsteps, and Necromancer. Apology for the continuing slow updates.

April 3rd 2007 - Got up the next chapter of Sub Rosa and Only You. Expect slow updates - school's being a hassle.

February 20th 2007 - Got up the next chapter of Sub Rosa. Go me for all of these updates!

February 19th 2007 - Updates on Only You and Footsteps and Introduction of The Grant Series to the Internet.

January 22nd 2007 - Ah, a new year. New chapter of Only You and The Fallen posted.

December 22nd 2006 - Added Footsteps to the website.

December 21st 2006 - Added chapters to Necromancer and Only You. Is now enjoying a relaxing vacation with a nice GPA.

December 6th 2006 - More chapters. Intro of Necromancer to the Internet. Finals becoming scary, evil demons.

December 2nd 2006 - More chapters and stuff... again. Another warning about finals.

December 1st 2006 - More chapters and stuff. I have finals coming up, but I want to get something done in here... so here you go.

September 28th 2006 - I put up more chapters. W00t.

September 27th 2006 - The site's officially up.

Got a couple chapters up... figured out how to do all of this. I'll be getting these up fairly often until I get up to where I am on fanfiction.net and fictionpress.com. After that, I'll be updating this faster than those two sites. Take advantage. ^_~

September 26th 2006 - Began the site and began construction. I'm hoping to get some things up very soon.

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