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Rated R for language, violence, and eventual yaoi, including lemons. (That means sex.) Duo POV.

Duo's realized how much he's hidden from himself. He searches desperately to find himself, but what will his searching reveal? His quest leads him into a danger he thought he'd escaped... how can he find himself when he's hiding from his biggest secret of all - his love for Heero Yuy?

PART ONE: Disturbed Saga

Prologue: Conflict

Chapter One: A Welcome Burden

Chapter Two: Stricken

Chapter Three: Darkness

Chapter Four: Loading the Weapon

Chapter Five: Guarded

Chapter Six: Hell

Chapter Seven: Stupefy

Chapter Eight: Liberate

Chapter Nine: Overburdened

Chapter Ten: Want

Chapter Eleven: Decadence

Chapter Twelve: Violence Fetish

Chapter Thirteen: Pain Redefined

Chapter Fourteen: Sacred Lie

Chapter Fifteen: Dropping Plates

Chapter Sixteen: Rise

Chapter Seventeen: Fear

Chapter Eighteen: The Game

Chapter Nineteen: Believe

Chapter Twenty: Meaning Of Life

PART TWO: Pink Saga

Prologue: Catch-22

Chapter One: Last To Know

Chapter Two: Let Me Let You Know

Chapter Three: I'm Not Dead

Chapter Four: Catch Me While I'm Sleeping

Chapter Five: Misery

Chapter Six: Get The Party Started

Chapter Seven: The One That Got Away

Chapter Eight: Try Too Hard

Chapter Nine: Unwind


Chapter One: Fallen Embers

Chapter Two: May It Be

Chapter Three: Book Of Days

Chapter Four: One By One

Chapter Five: Only If...

Chapter Six: Evening Falls

Chapter Seven: Exile

PART FOUR: Panic at the Disco Saga

Chapter One: I Write Sins Not Tragedies

Chapter Two: Do You Know What I'm Seeing?

Chapter Three: Behind the Sea

Chapter Four: Time To Dance

Chapter Five: Intermission

Chapter Six: Camisado

Chapter Seven: Pas de Cheval

Chapter Eight: The Only Difference Between Martyrdom and Suicide is Press Coverage

Chapter Nine: We're So Starving

Chapter Ten: Build God, Then We'll Talk

Chapter Eleven: Karma Police

Chapter Twelve: But It's Better If You Do

Chapter Thirteen: When The Day Met the Night

PART FIVE: The Metallica Saga

Chapter One: ...And Justice For All

Chapter Two: The Memory Remains

Chapter Three: Thorn Within

Chapter Four: Sweet Amber

Chapter Five: The Small Hours

Chapter Six: Frantic

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