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Rated R for language, violence, and eventual yaoi lemon scenes.

Duo's trying to find a place in the world of peace that he helped created, but has yet to find his niche. Suddenly his world is turned upside down again, and by none other than the man he loves... Duo finds himself thrust into another battle that he can't control. What secrets have been left after the war? What was going on - and who will survive this time? 1x2, 3+4

Chapter One: My World

Chapter Two: Complicated

Chapter Three: Fall To Pieces

Chapter Four: Nobody's Home

Chapter Five: Knockin' On Heaven's Door

Chapter Six: Take Me Away

Chapter Seven: Mobile

Chapter Eight: Take It

Chapter Nine: Tomorrow

Chapter Ten: Losing Grip

Chapter Eleven: Nobody's Fool

Chapter Twelve: Who Knows?

Chapter Thirteen: Forgotten

Chapter Fourteen: I Don't Give A Damn

Chapter Fifteen: Temple of Life

Chapter Sixteen: How Does It Feel

Chapter Seventeen: Keep Holding On

Interlude: Two Rivers

Chapter Eighteen: The Best Damn Thing

Epilogue: My Happy Ending

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Every story unless otherwise claimed is Kayura's, and is copyrighted 2006 under her name.