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Chapter Eight: Seeing Through the Storm and Rainbows
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Chapter Eight

Originally Chapters 15 and 16

Seeing Through The Storm

Disclaimer - I don't own Gundam Wing. Duh.

Only shooting stars break the mold...


Duo knew Quatre was watching him, worried and a little frightened. He wanted to hit himself for this, but he just had to talk about it to someone, and Quatre had been his confidante for years, even during the war when he was sobbing out his unrequited love for the Perfect Soldier. He needed the comfort that Quatre was so damned good at.

"Qat... it's about Heero."

"What about him? Has he hurt you?"

"No!" Duo was quick to assure. "At least... no, not physically. It's just..." He blew out a strangled breath and looked up from the sidewalk below his feet. Quatre's blond hair shone in the lamplight and moonlight, making it look like he wore a halo. Had he really thought the boy capable of deceiving him with Heero? How stupid of him.

"You're scared," Quatre whispered, and the braided man nodded jerkily, looking down to hide the sheen in his eyes. The two continued their walk in silence, finding nothing to say. Quatre was waiting for him to say something, actually, but Duo didn't seem to be ready to say much. Quatre gave him time. Duo knew he'd wait as long as necessary, even if that meant ditching the meeting and the people he had to see. But that wasn't fair.

"God, I feel like such an asshole, leaving Heero like that," he started, rubbing a hand over his face. "God, what he must be thinking." He groaned and looked back to the sidewalk and walked on, forcing Quatre to do the same. They had hardly been aware of stopping in the first place, and they quickly fell back into an even rhythm with each other. "I just... I had to talk to someone... I just had to know that I wasn't... that he really was here... oh, God..."

"Duo?" Duo found himself unable to go on. He just couldn't move his feet anymore.

"Quatre, just what is he... I mean... dammit, I don't know what I mean..."

"Duo, when Trowa and I first got together, we didn't really know if the other really wanted us, or if he wanted a stress-relief, or what."

Duo looked at Quatre in shock, disbelieving that the curious-yet-shy boy would be saying this. "But we stuck it through because no matter how the other felt, we loved one another. It certainly wasn't easy, and not just because we were in the the middle of a war. But we do love each other. And I think... I think Heero really does feel that way about you."

"But why?!" Duo wailed. "Why now? I've felt this way about him since... since... forever! Why didn't he come to me before?!" Duo lapsed into silence. Why was he so depressed about the one thing he'd once fantasized about? Was the dream gone? Had Heero waited too long?

But even as he thought that, he knew it wasn't so. No, not at all. Even now, full of doubt and fear, he felt his heart screaming for Heero.

Full of doubt and fear... that was it! It had nothing to do with Heero. It was all in him. He didn't know. He couldn't see Heero's thoughts, his reasons, and he was afraid, though of what he wasn't so sure. That Heero would leave him all alone again?

Oh, he wished he could understand his emotions. Whenever he was with Heero, it was bittersweet. He was so afraid that he was dreaming, that it was just another fantasy, and he was going to find himself in the hospital again...

He shivered. Please, if that's to happen, don't ever let me wake up.

"Duo, are you okay?"

He shook himself free from the enveloping cloud of depression and smiled for Quatre. "Yeah, I'm fine, Qat. Did you say something?"

"I was just saying that he might not have understood his feelings, or if he did, that he couldn't let them be released for fear of the mission and the war effort. He was trained to be the Perfect Soldier, we can't forget."

"Yeah. God, what was that bastard J thinking?" He shook his head, losing the grin as quickly as it came. "But it's not him, Qat. It's me. I'm just so fucked up..."

"You are not... messed up, Duo," Quatre argued, putting his hands on his hips. "You're just like everyone else in this world when it comes to love. You just love another man instead of a woman."

"So that means I'm not like everyone else, doesn't it?" Duo kidded, but stopped at the sad look in Quatre's eyes. "Shit, Qat, you know I didn't mean that in a bad way. You and Tro..."

"No, I know, Duo," Quatre sighed. "But, don't you see? You deserve as much as anybody else. You deserve more credit than you give yourself."

"Quatre, I'm a fucking street rat," Duo laughed sardonically. "I don't deserve a damn thing."

"Duo, dammit, knock it off! You are worth it, you are a good person! Why don't you see that?!"

"Because, Quatre my man," Duo started, knowing he was skating on thin ice and too confused inside to care, "I'm depressed!" He laughed then, as if the fact was absolutely fucking hilarious. Wasn't it? Duo, the one who always laughed, who always joked and smiled and teased, was fucking suicidal. Ironic? Hell, yeah. Shouldn't it be Trowa, or Heero?

No! No one else deserved this except him. Or was that the depression talking? God, he needed Heero. When he was with him, he didn't think about sadness or pain or depression. Sure, he thought of his grotesque scars, but Heero treated his body reverently. His heart soared in memory of Heero's touch. It had been lovemaking, no matter what he said. He needed Heero. He'd always needed Heero.

"Thanks, Qat," he said suddenly, and knew that his friend was getting just as confused as he'd been mere moments before. But that one thing made him sure of one thing: he wanted to be with Heero. For however long it lasted. Be it a day or a lifetime, he'd take the time he had with the one he loved. He'd make love with Heero, and this time they'd both see it for what it was: the mating of two souls in an embrace matched by nothing else. Soul mates. His soul was mated with Heero's. He'd take the pain when it came. For now, he'd take the love offered to him.


"What'd I do?" Quatre asked, but Duo was already turning around. "Hey, Qat, I don't want to be rude, but could you see yourself to your car? I gotta be with Heero right now."

He heard Quatre's enormous grin in his voice as he spoke. "Of course, Duo."

He broke out into a run then, needing to get to Heero. He wanted to be with him now, before he woke up to find that it had been another dream. Another hallucination of drugs or sadness or just his lonely heart. He wanted to see Heero's eyes glazed with passion one more time, taste his sweet taste upon his lips, feel his body move on his, his member trapped within him. One more time. A thousand more times. More than that. He wanted it until he couldn't breathe for the passions being released inside him, and then even more.

He wanted Heero like never before. Fuck his fear, his inhibitions. They could drown themselves for all he cared. Tonight, it was him and Heero. Just them. Nothing and no one else.

He raced up the stairs to his house and burst through the door. His eyes were immediately drawn to the sight of the man standing in the middle of the living room floor, staring at him with open cobalt eyes and trembling lips. "Heero," he gasped, and he rushed into the man's arms. "Oh, God, Heero," he sobbed, and found himself close to tears. Heero's arms came around him, and he snuggled within the warmth of his lover's arms, feeling sheltered for the first time since he'd been with Sister Helen. He snuggled into Heero's chest, breathing in deep and trying stupidly to fight the sudden tears. "Don't leave me," he whispered.

"I can't, love," Heero rasped, and the arms around him tightened. "I can't leave you."

"I want you to stay with me. I want... Heero..." he pulled away, knowing that his eyes were rimmed with tears and not rightly giving a damn. His lover was looking at him tenderly, achingly strong. And that made him bold enough to speak his next words. "Make love to me, Heero. Please."


Heero's eyebrows shot up in surprise. He had thought that Duo wanted them... gods, when Duo'd been out, he'd started going over every single thing he'd said and done, scared that he'd lost the chance to be with his love. And then he came in, looking more like a lost puppy than an ex-Gundam pilot. And he'd flung himself into Heero's arms.

And he was still there.

"You want me to... you want to..." And it was then that he realized their exact position. Duo's legs were inside his own, his member firmly against him. He hissed as Duo moved a bit, then looked down into his koi's eyes. "Are you sure?" he finally rasped.

Duo's eyes were almost fever bright. "Yes." His voice was just as rough. "I am."

Heero growled in satisfaction and promptly swept Duo up into his arms. "Better be sure, because I won't be able to stop when we get up there."

Duo sighed and snuggled into his chest, making his steps falter for a moment. "Good," was Duo's passioned whisper.

Heero had questions, but didn't want to waste this moment asking them. The one foremost in his mind was: did this mean Duo wanted more than just sex?

He kicked open the bedroom door and brought Duo through the threshold. Duo's eyes stayed on his face, and he stopped at the foot of the bed to lock eyes with him. "Duo," he murmured, "I don't want a romp on the bed. If that's-"

"No." Duo shook his head adamantly, but kept his amethyst eyes locked on Heero. "I want... more than that. If you want to give it."

Duo's hesitant words were Heero's downfall, and he placed Duo gently on the bed, making sure he had lube within arm's reach before settling himself on top of the braided boy. "Duo," he said, leaning his body on Duo gently, having their erections meet. Duo gasped, his eyes glazing a bit. "Duo, look at me." Slowly, his lover did as he was asked. "I have wanted to give this to you for a long time now." His hands rubbed down Duo's arms, lifting them up and looking at them, kissing the place where each scar started. "I'll never give you the reason to do this again." Guilt gripped him; the scars reminded him of just how fragile his seemingly invincible lover really was.

"Heero, the scars... I'm sorry..."

Heero descended enough to kiss Duo full on the lips, making Duo melt beneath him. Desire surged hot in his veins, but he had to get this out. He forced himself to break the kiss. Duo whimpered, and Heero groaned with the irrepressible need to kiss his koi again. "Duo, it's my fault, not yours... good God, I should've been here. I'm the one who should be apologizing, koi... I'm so sorry..."

"Heero..." And Duo leaned up to take his lips again. Heero let himself fall into Duo's embrace, allowed himself to savor the taste of Duo's mouth, that elusive taste that reminded him of everything he loved. It was just Duo, and it made him go crazy with need. "Heero, it's me... Can you really deal with someone like me? I'm so messed up..."

"You're perfect," Heero argued, and broke the kiss only long enough to take Duo's shirt off before claiming that sweetness once more. "Perfect," he repeated, his hands moving from Duo's wrists to his ribcage, moving up and down. Duo shivered beneath him, and Heero shivered with him. "You're everything." His hands came up to skim over Duo's nipples, and a hard gasp was his reward. He skimmed above them, touching them feather-light before moving back down to Duo's stomach.

"Heero," Duo groaned, trying to grab Heero's hands. Heero took them away, removing his shirt as an excuse. Duo's hands touched his chest as soon as it was exposed, and the American rubbed over his nipples. He moaned and grabbed Duo's hands in one of his, braceleting them and holding them over Duo's head. Duo opened his mouth to protest, but Heero bent down and kissed him until he didn't know what was up or down, let alone what he was arguing about.

Heero's hand came to lightly touch the very tip of Duo's nipple. Duo arched his back up, and Heero took his hand away before Duo got the pressure he was seeking.

Duo cried out in sexual frustration. "Dammit, Heero, touch me!"

Heero responded instantly, taking Duo's nipple into his mouth. Duo cried out again, but this time ecstasy was what darkened his voice. Heero let go of Duo's hands, and they were instantly on his chest, running over his nipples and then around his back, bringing him closer, arching his back. Heero heard another growl rip through him and did nothing to stop it. He brought his hands to the end of Duo's braid, sifting his hands through it until it was loose and free. His fingers tangled themselves within the impressive mass and licked over Duo's nipple one more time before dipping his tongue into Duo's navel, plunging once, then twice.

Duo's hands splayed across his back, his pinkies curving on the beginning of Heero's buttocks. Heero groaned at the jeans guarding that flesh from being touched and set to fix the problem. Duo hurriedly did the same, and soon they were naked. Heero immediately returned to Duo, kissing him breathless, making his tongue plunge in and out over and over again. Just what he wanted to do with Duo's entire body. With Duo's entrance to his soul.

"Soul mates," Duo whispered reverently, as if reading Heero's thoughts.

"Forever yours," Heero gasped, and finally pulled his mouth loose. His hands fell to the shaft of Duo's member, and he felt Duo tense and relax all at one as his fingers closed around his heat. He pumped it slowly, once, and Duo's hips lifted, trying to get him to do it harder, faster. Heero kept his pace agonizingly slow.

"Heero," Duo breathed, but couldn't seem to say more.

Heero's breath was quick and shallow, his body going wild at the sight of Duo's obvious ecstasy. The boy thrashed his head from side to side, his hair about him in tangles of shining chestnut. His face was flushed, his eyes in slits that were tiny pools of violet passion. He was absolutely beautiful. Heero wanted to go in him hard and fast, but stopped himself. He wanted this to be perfect for Duo.

"What, Duo?" he asked softly, almost a demand. His hand slipped slowly up, then down. Duo groaned, looking about to go wild.

"Dammit, Heero," Duo growled, "faster!" He tilted his head back, showing off his gleaming neck and the droplets of sweat that ran down onto his chest. Heero licked one up, going just a bit faster for Duo, pumping him harder. Duo lifted his hips to each thrust, matching him with a clawing urgency that took Heero's breath away.

Heero slowly went faster, then a bit faster, until Duo's need was quenched and he was eagerly matching Heero's every move.

Heero removed his hand.

"Heero!" Duo cried, then whimpered, his hands digging into Heero's back and trying to bring him back down. Heero managed to squirm away, grabbing the lube and quickly lathering himself. He looked at Duo, again seeing the beauty in his lover's face. His lips were parted, and he was gasping. Heero had to bend over and nip the rosy lips until Duo groaned. "Heero, I need you to..." He thrashed his head. "Now!!!"

Heero smiled thinly, feeling his own member throbbing. It was intoxicating, seeing the effects he had on the man he loved. He slid a finger into Duo's slick member, feeling an electric shock spring through his body at Duo's throaty moan. He saw that Duo was close to coming and hurried, readying him as quickly as he dared, feeling himself get so hard it hurt as he listened to Duo's groans and mews.

Then he eased himself up, looking at the sweat-soaked features of his one and only, feeling a tightening in his heart. I almost lost him. But he wouldn't dwell on the past when everything he wanted was right here in the present.

"Open your eyes, Duo," he murmured, and watched in wonder as Duo's eyes flickered open, dark as violet in his passion. "I want to see you when I enter you."

And Heero gently placed the tip of his member against Duo's entrance, waiting for a moment before entering just a bit. Duo almost closed his eyes, but kept them open as requested. Heero kept his own trained on those orbs, reading the passion, the hunger, and, yes, the love. He slipped out, and Duo's eyes did close then, as a blissful agony tore at his lover's insides. Heero finally entered Duo fully, and Duo let out a cry of triumph and joy, one Heero couldn't help but join. They stayed still like that for a few moments, but their increased passion couldn't be denied, and they started to move, slowly at first but quickly becoming hurried, as needs and desire and everything Heero had once thought he'd never feel raced through them, and he was in awe of the cliff before him, unafraid. He felt his body tilt on that precipice before falling into the ocean of pleasure that rocked his system. He heard Duo call out his name, and he answered it, collapsing on top of his lover. His body was practically dead, but his heart and soul felt more alive than ever.

That was most definitely love they had made. He rolled off of Duo, afraid of hurting, and Duo curled within his arms, tucking his head into Heero's shoulder and smiling softly against the flushed skin. Heero took a long, sweet breath, drawing in the smell of sandalwood that always accompanied Duo. "I love you," he murmured, and he felt Duo go stock still.

"R-Really?" Duo whispered. "Do you mean it?"

"Of course," he murmured softly. "Since when have I said something I didn't mean?"

There was an exhausted chuckle, then, "I love you, too, Heero Yuy."

Heero's heart curled with warmth, and he wrapped Duo tighter in his arms as he fell into peaceful repose.

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