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Chapter Five: Let's Make Our Own Road and Shortcut to Sunshine
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Chapter Five

Originally Chapters Ten and Eleven

Let's Make Our Own Road

Disclaimer - Gundam Wing is not mine. Duh.

Couldn't see how much I missed you (now I do)...

"So... why are we at the grocery store again?" Heero asked, looking around at the aisles of food.

"One: because I need food," Duo replied, grabbing a basket and Heero's arm and dragging them both along with him to the first aisle. It seemed to Heero that he had regained that happy composure. Heero noted that the cross was being worn now, though it hadn't been on before. Duo was also wearing black jeans and a black t-shirt that said, `People Like You Are The Reason People Like Me Are On Medication'. Heero smiled at the thought, then sobered as he realized that Duo may very well be on medication.

"The other reason?" he asked curiously.

"Reasons," Duo corrected, grabbing a loaf of bread and smiling cheekily at him. "Two: I needed out of the house. Three: We needed to talk, and no one would yell or complain, or even listen in at a grocery store." He looked around and said, "I have a bomb in my back pocket. I'm planning to use it on that dumbass over there with the toupee." He pointed. "Got it?" He looked at Heero. "Is anyone staring?"

Heero made a quick scan of the room. "No."

"Exactly," Duo stated, and moved off to the second aisle. Heero followed him, trying not to smile. Peace really must have lowered everyone's tension. Or had it always been like this in grocery stores? Heero never went to them. He had once, after the war, and half of the people were asking for his autograph. The other half tried to do his old glare. He had noted that they had needed work.

"So," Duo started, looking at the cans of soup that were on sale. "How, exactly, are you managing to stay with me and not go flat broke?"

Heero smiled ever so softly. "Quatre's paying for it. I... I told him that I wanted to see you, and he made the arrangements right away."

Duo looked at him strangely. "Then... Quatre knows?"

Heero nodded shortly.

Duo placed the can in his hand back onto the rack. "Oh."

Heero grabbed his shoulders and turned him. "He never told me. I never knew." Heero's grip flexed as he remembered the scars. "I never knew."

Duo looked into his face, searching, probably, for signs that he was lying. "I didn't want you to know. You'd either sneer at me or... come running out of some stupid obligation... and I didn't want that."

Heero looked into his eyes as well, watching the swirling depths. Watching – and falling. "I would never sneer at you," he said, "I don't know how I did before. I had closed of the feelings you'd given me until I didn't know what they were. I'm sorry for that." Heero backed away then and looked around, amazed that no one had seemed to have seen that.

Duo smiled a shaky grin and stepped on down the aisle. "What's your favorite color?" he asked, and the question made Heero jump slightly. His favorite... color?

He thought for a moment. "I'm not sure," he admitted, "I never really thought about it." He looked up, into the lights high above, and smiled softly. "I think... purple." He looked at Duo's stunned face and cocked his head. "You?"

Duo blinked, then smiled. "Both black and blue. Blue for..." he blushed, then shrugged. "And black for death."

Heero looked at him sharply. "Death?"

He nodded, absently checking out the cans of fruit before turning into the other aisle. "Death, pain, loss, sadness. They're all personified in the color black."

Heero made a mental note to ask Duo about that medication. Duo really seemed to be upset. Upset deep down, like he felt it all the time, but never bothered to show the world. Heero grimaced at the thought that it could very well be all his fault.

Gods, but he wanted to remedy that.

"Hey, the color isn't that bad," Duo said haughtily, and Heero focused on him again as they went through the aisle without even looking at anything. "At least, I don't think so."

There was a sort of trepidation here, and Heero wanted to kill it quick. "Your opinion is as important as anyone else's. Maybe even more. I, too, can see what black personifies, but... I don't like the things it represents to me."

There was a silence broken only by the speakers announcing that a clean-up was needed in aisle seven. Then Duo said, "can things be gay?"

Heero almost tripped. He stared hard at Duo. "W-What???"

Duo let loose a tiny chuckle at Heero's consternation. "You know, like when someone says `homework is gay' or something. I said that once around Wufei, and he blew up. He said that things couldn't be gay."

"It is fairly hard for something inanimate to have sexual preferences," Heero said slowly, surprising a bark of a laugh from Duo.

"I guess," Duo said with a smile, "but doesn't personification take care of that?"

It was Heero's turn to laugh out loud, and Duo burst out a smile that seemed to split his face. It was a real smile, one of happiness and contentment. They looked at each other, and Heero felt a warm, jovial feeling spread through him until his knees were weak.


"Um-hmm?" Duo asked, looking back at the rack, a goofy smile on his face. "Hey, Heero, do you like chips, or-"

Heero turned him again to look at him, and the violet orbs sparked with something, something like caution and kin to hope, that again made Heero want to fall to the ground in a heap of gooey sap. "Maybe... maybe we should go back to the house."

Duo looked at him oddly, then seemed to understand. There was a wariness, then cautious understanding, until finally joy radiated from him, and he hugged Heero around the waist, burrowing into his chest. "Do you mean it?" he whispered, though Heero was sure that he could feel the pounding of his heart, hear his labored breathing. But, most of all, he was certain everyone could see the obvious bulge in his pants.

"Gods, yes," he said, and was shocked to hear the growl that rippled through his chest. "And I'll do it right here if you don't get off now."

Duo jumped away, but threw a sly smile at him. "You think I would argue?"

In answer, Heero grabbed Duo's basket and dumped it onto the rack. Some people turned to stare, but he looked to them and said only, "we have an appointment." That seemed to be enough for them, and he grabbed Duo's wrist and marched them the hell out of the store.

"Damn kids! I can't believe he did that!"

He flipped the fat woman off and opened the door to the sound of "clean-up in aisle four."

There would be a clean-up, all right, Heero thought as Duo started the car, both of them trying very, very hard to ignore something that could make them crash. "Duo," he ventured, "do you want this?"

"I've been wanting it since I saw what I shot," Duo gritted out, and sped out of the parking lot.

"Good," Heero stated. "Because I don't think I can wait any more."

Duo turned to look at him and smiled, one that lit his eyes and set Heero's heart to meltingly warm. Heero could do no less than smile back.


Heero smacked open the door to Duo's house and crushed Duo to the wall, holding his arms as he plunged his tongue into the boy's sweet depths, nipping the teeth and grinding his hips to Duo's. Heero couldn't think for the noises pounding insanely in his head, beating out a fast, heart-stopping tempo that he matched with each thrust. Duo groaned into his mouth, and he shuddered as needs and wants flowed through him like rain. He released Duo's mouth and panted, closing his eyes and leaning his chin on his love's head, trying to regulate his breathing; trying to control his urges.

"Duo," he rasped, "we need to get to your room fast, or I'll take you here."

"I don't give a fuck where you take me," Duo spoke, his voice throaty and full of lust. "As long as it's you."

Duo pushed Heero back a bit, then devoured his mouth in another kiss. Their tongues clashed, lips crushing against each other, hands moving fluidly. Heero's vision swam, his senses wired. He felt everything as Duo's hands glided down his shirt, groaned as they rubbed lightly over his taut nipples, thrusting as his fingers lowered still. He cried out when he felt them brush, like feathers, over his erection. He grabbed Duo's wrists roughly.

"Gods, Duo," he moaned, grinding his hips into the boy's own, making him moan before him. "I want you in bed. I want to see your hair around you. Not on the floor. I want it to be perfect."

"Heero," Duo groaned, and they fell against one another, lips teasing, tongues tormenting. When they parted, Heero forgot what they were talking about. "It's perfect if it's you."

Sparks flew in him at the words, making him feel himself beat. His jeans pressed up against his penis, and he felt himself flail. "Duo," he groaned, "please..."

Duo seemed to understand that this was important to him, and backed off a bit, letting Heero breathe and push away. Heero hissed sharply as his movements brought him into closer contact with the denim. They had to hurry.

He dragged Duo up the stairs, unable to stop himself from ripping off the boy's shirt. The white letters flashed, and Heero pressed Duo against the banister, trying to ignore the searing heat in his veins. "Duo, are you really... I mean, the shirt..."

"Hell, no," Duo growled, and Heero let loose his appreciation in a feral snarl, dipping his head to take one of Duo's nipples in his mouth. He'd been begging to do it since he'd seen the boy come out of the house topless. He nipped at it with his teeth, flicking the nub with his tongue, hearing Duo moan and arch his back in response.

Heero's skin was fever hot, his dick throbbing with hard desire. He licked Duo's chest, right in between his breasts, and felt Duo shudder and moan. Duo grabbed his hair and brought his mouth up, binding them in a fervent kiss. Heero moaned into Duo's mouth, grabbing Duo's braid and making him bend, allowing him deeper access into his domain. Duo's heat made him sweat, made him want more. He couldn't taste enough of him, could devour him and not drank his fill. He locked bodies, let go of Duo's hair to trace his way down Duo's broad chest, his waist. He dipped a finger into Duo's navel and Duo screamed. Duo's hands played with his hair, sifting through and mussing, hanging on as if for dear life.

Heero managed to pull away, and Duo whimpered his protest. Heero panted and gazed into Duo's glazed eyes, seeing the lust, the desire, and other things he couldn't allow himself to name. He picked Duo up, and Duo yelped his surprise. He clung to Heero's neck and ducked his head into Heero's collarbones, seeming to be regulating his own breathing. Heero had just reached the top of the stairs when Duo flicked his down feather-light on his pulse at his neck. Heero groaned and let his head fall back, almost dropping Duo. Duo made a pleased sound in his throat and bit his neck, sucking on the pounding vein. Heero's approval rumbled in his chest.

Duo placed his feet back on the ground and ripped at Heero's shirt, peeling back the garment and touching his chest. Heero's eyes closed as he sagged against the wall, feeling Duo's fingers circle his nipple, coming ever closer, but never touching. He hissed when Duo placed his tongue at the very edge of his chest, right fucking beside the nipple. Not touching. Never touching. The circles grew tighter and tighter, finally being replaced by his tongue. But they never touched.

Heero grabbed Duo's head and placed it in front of his nipple, which was red and hard and aching from the torture. "Touch me," was all he said, and Duo finally, finally wet his nipple with his tongue. Heero arched his back and groaned heavily, feeling the lightning explode inside him. He could swear he heard the roaring sounds of a storm outside. Or maybe inside. Gods, who could think when this was happening?

Duo reached around him and opened the bedroom door, pushing Heero in. Heero's legs hit the back of the bedpost and he fell back onto the bed. He moaned and tried to get up, wanting Duo next to him. He heard movement in front of him, and opened his eyes to see Duo stripping. He looked. . . gorgeous. He took off his boxers, leaving nothing on, and stood before Heero with the most open look of pained expectation on his face. Heero's heart fairly stopped. He looked up and down his soon-to-be lover and couldn't help the predatory gleam that came to his eye. "I want you."

Duo's eyes sparked, and he tumbled down onto the bed beside him. He felt hands on his jeans buckle and groaned at the friction caused by the movements. "Duo," he sighed, lifting his hips off the bed so that the boy could take off his pants easier. When they were thrown across the room, he threw himself onto Duo, rubbing his fingernails lightly on his shoulder blades, feeling him buck, making him squirm. And what he received, he got well in return.

Bodies took over as flesh met sweaty flesh, hearts pounding, pulses racing, minds blanking. Words weren't needed here. Only touch. Touch and taste and smell. Heero's hands fell to Duo's cock, and Duo's moan split the air in two. He found the thing tight and warm and hard. Very hard. Semen dripped down the head. Heero, entranced, dipped down and licked up the come.

Duo screamed long and loud, fingers coming to dig into Heero's hair. He bucked and twisted, and Heero let his hands fall to cup Duo's balls lovingly, letting his thumbs run over them, hearing Duo scream with delight. His own blood was crashing through him at an ultra-high pace, but he wanted this to be perfect, so he held himself in check. He licked at Duo's cock with a small smile, letting Duo thrash and moan, hearing words fall from his mouth.

"Now, now, dammit..."

"Take me..."

Heero opened his mouth and took Duo into his mouth; Duo's cries rose. He licked Duo's head, swirled around it mercilessly, still teasing Duo's sacs. Right when Duo was ready to come, he backed off.

"Heero!" Duo cried, and Heero heard the need and sudden uncertainty in his voice.

His own voice was low and cracking with desire. "Lube. Now."

Duo's hand fluttered a bit, seeming to indicate the desk. Heero got off the bed and raced for it, coming back almost immediately, his head foggy enough to not wonder about why Duo had the lubrication on hand. He quickly lathered himself before he'd do something stupid - like forget - and came to straddle Duo. He wet his fingers in the lube once more and leaned over Duo, touching the head again, which was once more oozing. He cautiously dipped a finger inside, and heard Duo's cry. There was no pain in it, so he added another, stretching Duo and feeling his intense warmth. He couldn't wait to be in him. He looked up into Duo's face, which was shut tight. He stuck one more finger inside, tested a bit, and decided Duo was ready. He got on his hands and knees, looking into Duo's face. "Duo," he whispered, "look at me."

Duo's eyes snapped open, and Heero looked into the violet orbs, desire mounting at the sight. Duo's legs raised, and they went onto Heero's shoulders. Heero slowly placed his tip against Duo's, feeling Duo's response, noting the absence of fear. He slowly entered his love, just an inch, then two, then he went fully into the hilt, hearing Duo crying out. He began to leave immediately, but Duo grabbed his hips and looked into his eyes. "Don't leave," he rasped, "don't end this dream."

"Gods, Duo, this isn't a dream," Heero whimpered, and couldn't hold himself back any longer. His hips dug in, then out, making a pattern that Duo quickly matched. Heero's body shook as a feeling escalated slowly, like fire licking its way through him, eating him, ravaging him. His tempo sped, racing. The heat flew through him until all he could see was Duo's violet eyes, which left to white, and suddenly, it all burst. He screamed Duo's name, feeling his partner come all over his hand, only then realizing that he had been pumping Duo. His own name sounded in his ears as he collapsed bonelessly on top of his lover, breaths coming out in sharp pants and heart stretching to be released from his rib cage.

Duo's arms entwined around him, and he burrowed into Duo's sweet body. He felt the come around them and dismissed it. It would be harder to clean off, but damned if it wouldn't be worth it.

"Duo," he whispered.


"That right there? What we just did?" he said, feeling exhaustion settle on him and not caring. He was with Duo, in his arms. Nothing else mattered.


"I wasn't a dream."

"Nope," Duo agreed, and Heero heard his grin. "Dreams are never that-" Duo yawned and snuggled out from Heero, getting himself into a spoon position in front of him. He rested his ass on Heero's crotch, and Heero felt the embers of the fire stir within him. "Never that damned good."

Heero hummed his agreement and settled down for his first ever nap in the afternoon. And damned if it would be a dream, too. Reality had become far better.

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