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Here are the pictures used as inspiration for the characters (Yes, I do this a lot).
NOTE: I know very well that these are not my pictures. If any original owner of any of these pictures wants me to take the picture down, simply say the word. Thank you.

Main Story Characters:


Name: Amasa Kincaid

Age: 20

Hair: Black

Eyes: Golden Brown

Position: Uke

History: Named 'burden' by his family, he was tortured and neglected daily for his birth. His family had been cursed for generations, and his parents had wanted the family line to end with them. They see his existence as a manifestation of their own sins. The curse of the family? Two members of their family committed adultery against their Destined with one another. They were immediately executed, but ever since the family has suffered major misfortune.




Name: Akuma (Devil) Gage

Age: 25

Hair: Black

Eyes: Red

Position: Seme

History: Akuma was raised in a family of warriors – one hundred percent semes. Many in his family were never matched with anyone – which begs the question of how his family continues having descendants. Not only is Akuma feared for his family history and having been named Akuma in the desire that he may become like his name, he also has an unparalleled skill on the battlefield.





Name: Tristan Wolfe

Age: 20

Hair: Dark Brown

Eyes: Chocolate Brown

Position: Uke

History: Raped by a gang when he was fifteen, Tristan has had many problems since.




Name: Kisame (Ogre / Demon Shark) Griffith

Age: 23

Hair: Black

Eyes: Gold

Position: Seme

History: Kisame was named for his forefather's nickname on the battlefield. He's more than gained his own reputation for his own ruthlessness.



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