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Burning Bright
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Burning Bright

The more the light shines through me
I pretend to close my eyes
The more the dark consumes me
I pretend I'm burning bright

Disclaimer: If you believe I own Naruto, you have special needs.

Still not strong enough to defeat me.

But still, for the short amount of time I gave him, my dear little brother managed to become so much stronger. Strong enough, if nothing else, to put on a convincing show. All I had left that I needed to do was get hit a few times.

Little brother, I knew it would be you. When I heard what the others were planning, I had no choice but to kill them. How could I say no? They wanted to kill us all, and dear brother, you were the only one I couldn't bear to lose. I wouldn't let anyone take you.

It meant killing mother, father. It meant killing our aunts and uncles and, yes, my very best friend. But for you... for you I did it. I soiled my very soul. And you...

You, I ordained to be my punisher. You call yourself an Avenger. Fine, then. Avenge their deaths. That is why you live, why I will not allow you to die. You have to kill me.

Little brother. Even now, in these last moments, I see you as you were, and as you are. You will not grieve my death. You will not miss me, because the me you kill is not the brother you loved. I understand that. It's no more than I deserve, murderer and traitor that I am.

Still, in my eyes I can see you, so small. Still somewhat na´ve. Still hanging on my every word. How I love you. Loved you. I have no right to love now.

This me, the me that I have been for years now, is too tainted by the mask and blood to be able to carry you on my shoulders anymore.

Can you feel my love for you? In this last instant, when I try to convey my message to the only person who could possibly understand it, can you feel my true emotions? I, the emotionless fighter, will give you the last emotions that live within me – regret, and sorrow. These fingertips have touched this forehead before. Your eyes then weren't wide in fear, but narrowed in annoyance. Still I know you used to smile at me. And I at you.

I told you it was all a lie. You had still been holding back, just that tiny bit. It wouldn't have seemed real. I needed you to come at me with everything, to hate me with everything you were. Only then could I be redeemed. Only then by your hand could I finally get what I deserve.

Little brother. I love you. This small pain I give you, this childish ritual. Did you never know what it meant? I, as a ninja, as a warrior, had been taught to never feel. Father forbade such shows. Surely you saw? Surely you understood?

I can't say it out loud. I know they're watching. They always are. But here, in this very last moment, I can tell you, though I know you can't hear. Won't hear.

My fault. What you have become is my fault. I rely on your dear friend to save you. I cannot. All I can do is kill Orochimaru and rid you of his stench. Nothing more. I haven't the strength... I haven't the right.

Dear Sasuke, I do love you. Why else would I send myself to purgatory? One day I hope you hear the words that these fingers have spoken. I hope, one day...

I am so sorry, Sasuke. I can only pray that my death brings you some release from all the pain and suffering I put you through.

But thank you... thank you. My little brother. My executioner. My judge. My Avenger.

I thank you.



And by the way, I still hate the Uchihas. ><

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Every story unless otherwise claimed is Kayura's, and is copyrighted 2006 under her name.