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Chapter Fifteen: In Between
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Fangs of the Wolf
Chapter Fifteen
In Between

Disclaimer: Gundam Wing is not mine. Duh.


He probably looked stupid, eyes like a deer's as he was pushed down onto the hospital bed.

Heero's lips were fierce, as if they were fighting a battle against his own. Harsh, almost cruel, and demanding. It sparked something in him, something stronger than the wave of vertigo that had hit as soon as he'd been pushed. Suddenly his hands were reaching around Heero and pulling him closer, and his mouth opened to give Heero access.

The man didn't hesitate but instead thrust right in, devouring. Duo jumped at the feel of it, at the warmth of Heero's tongue dominating his mouth. “Nnn...” He grasped Heero's hair – as wild as it was, it was soft as silk – and pulled Heero's face closer.

Heero shifted, bringing his leg up to get better leverage. And it went right in-between Duo's thighs.

Duo groaned deeply.

Heero's hands began to move down, down his chest and to his stomach, but a clanging noise stopped him. Heero growled against Duo's lips and jerked up.

Duo just laid there sideways on his hospital bed, eyes wide and dazed. Slowly his brain shifted into gear again. And he blushed and cursed.

Heero practically jumped out of the bed. He raked a hand through his hair again, then glared at his right hand. And the handcuffs still dangling from his fingers.

It took a moment for Duo to remember how to sit up, and another moment to make the ceiling stop twirling long enough for him to complete the task. He grabbed his head, wondering if he was only dizzy because of his injury or if it was also a symptom of a brain meltdown.

Heero turned to glare at the floor by the side of his foot. “Last chance,” he said bitterly. Referring, of course, to his decision to join the police.

It seemed the man already knew his answer.

“No,” he whispered. “Not even now.” He'd almost said, not even for you, but thankfully he managed to bite that little bit back.

Heero sighed. His hands clenched into fists. “Then I have no choice.” He stared purposefully into Duo's eyes as he moved forward. Duo could have fought it – resisting arrest, they called it, didn't they? – but he spared both himself and Heero the pain of that and just let the man cuff him. Instead he was dead silent as the manacles clicked into place and Heero intoned the Miranda Rights with a tight, subdued voice.


“You can't be serious,” Treize murmured quietly, watching Wufei's hands as he unclipped his gun and tossed it onto the desk. His badge and ID followed, clacking like thunderbolts. “You would do this simply for him.”

“It's not just for him,” Wufei said tonelessly, trying valiantly to keep a grip on his anger. “It's also for honor, and for what I believe to be right. Even if you arrest him, you cannot place guilt where there is none. All you can place is blame.” Wufei turned to leave the room.


It was habit that made him stop. Habit, because he understood very well the carefully controlled tone in his superior's voice.

“Does this have anything to do with Meiran?”

Wufei tensed. “No,” he hissed.

“Then what?” Treize demanded. The squeak of his chair let Wufei know that the man had stood. “What could possibly make you react so rashly?”

Rashly? He clenched his fists and took a deep breath. It would not do, he told himself, to try to deck the man. Even if he had officially quit the job. “I gave you fair warning that I would not tolerate this decision.” Good, his voice was steady. “Still, despite that, you went against my opinion and-”

“Because you're vision in clouded,” Treize cut in smoothly. “You cannot give me good advice on this-”

“No one can,” Wufei snapped. “Heero cares for the man, too, and the only reason you're so blind is because you've yet to meet him!” He stomped to the door.

“Don't you run away from this, Chang Wufei,” Treize said quietly, and Wufei's tenuous control of his temper was officially cut.

“I am not 'running away' from anything!” Wufei whirled back to Treize. He was surprised to see that the man had circled his desk so that there was nothing between them but floor. Wufei's stepped forward, his entire body pulsing with anger. “You simply don't want to understand! He is not a threat! And he sure as hell should not be manipulated! I refuse to stand by and let my friend-”

“And what can you do now?” Treize asked quietly. “You have just become a civilian. What can you hope to achieve as you are now?”

“Shut up!” Wufei slashed the air with his hand. “I'm tired of your high-handed attitude – I'm-”

“You're acting like a spoiled brat,” Treize snapped. “Start thinking like an adult. Not everything goes the way you want it to. That's life. I thought I told you that three years ago?”

Wufei bristled again, this time both at the tone and at the memory. “Yes, you told me plenty. Too bad all you ever do is talk,” he sneered.

Treize's steps ate up the space between them in a heartbeat, but the man's grace pervaded his rushing movements. “You're still insolent,” he said calmly, “and still so much a child.”

“You bastard!” He seethed, glaring up into Treize's face. It was still a frustration to him, always having to look up into Treize's eyes. Not being able to stare at him at eye level. “I don't give a damn what you think – I've made my own decision!”

“And once again, it's the wrong one.” Treize's breath was hot on his face.

Get away from me!” Wufei pushed back, trying to get away, but the wall was too close and he bumped into it. He tensed. “I'll make my own decisions. They're the right ones for me!”

“Are they? And are you happy, now that you are no longer a lieutenant?” Treize just followed after him. “Were you happy when you killed Meiran's murderer? And were you happy when you broke up with me?” Treize lifted Wufei's chin and smiled. “Well?”

That fucking scent. It always pissed Wufei off, that a man as strong and unyielding as Treize always had the faint scent of roses on his skin. “Get off!” he growled, swatting Treize's hand away.

“Not much of an answer,” Treize noted. “Or maybe that in itself is the answer?”

“Stop with the riddles!” Wufei squirmed, but Treize wouldn't let him get away. He considered kicking the man in the nuts, but usually Wufei's attacks would only lead to a spar he couldn't win. And then something else. Something entirely different. Something he'd walked away from a long time ago. “I want you to let Duo go – why can't you do even that? You and I both know he's done nothing wrong!”

“There's no proof of that,” Treize stated simply.

“Well there's no proof he's done anything illegal! Innocent until proven guilty, remember?!”

“Oh? So now you want to talk legal jargon with me, little dragon?” Treize's superior smile was even more difficult to accept up close.

The old pet name instantly threw Wufei into a rage. “Damn you!” He swerved down and ducked under one of Treize's arms. He was throwing a kick before he could tell himself to stop, and then he was stopped, his leg caught in Treize's grip; he pulled himself free and stumbled back. That grin had morphed into a smirk.

Do you want to spar here, in my office?”

Wufei caught the innuendo – the man was asking if Wufei wanted to do the entire bit – the fight, then the... after-fight. Wufei snarled.

“Go to hell.”

He didn't give Treize the chance to respond; he simply yanked open the office door and stomped out. Treize's eyes bored a hole into the back of his head. It was an effort not to continue the fight... but he had someone he had to see.


Quatre sighed. Trowa had officially been drugged up to the point where he most definitely wouldn't be waking up. And technically Quatre wasn't supposed to be there to begin with; it was deep into night, almost morning by now. Visiting hours wouldn't start for quite a while yet. He'd been using his status as a cop to bend the rules.

He really shouldn't stay here any longer.

He sighed and stood, only to stare at that sleeping face some more. How had it happened? Trowa Barton wasn't quite what he'd expected when he'd allow himself to consider a... life partner, should he say? He'd always thought someone kind and simple like himself, perhaps someone with their own special gift. Because, he thought wryly, he'd believed no one normal would be able to stand being around him.

But if anything, Trowa Barton seemed almost comfortable with him, extra... baggage... and all. He not only believed that Quatre could feel others' emotions, but he seemed to accept it without much of a problem. Maybe Trowa didn't think he was a freak?

He bit his lip. Should he ask the man when he woke up? But they had plenty of other things to worry about, and he was recovering...

Shoes smacked against the linoleum, and Quatre was made aware of a familiar person's anger and frustration.

He turned and peeked out of the room. “Wufei?” he called softly.

The man whirled to him, tight ponytail smacking his neck. “Winner! You're still here! Great.” And the Chinese man stormed over to the blond. “Where is Maxwell?”

“Duo?” Wufei's emotions were heavy with concern and fury. And, Quatre noticed, he was out of uniform. Heero had told him that Wufei had decided to quit, but he hadn't quite believed it. But now that he was seeing the man without his uniform on for the first time, he was inclined to believe Heero's words. “Heero already took him in. I'm sorry, Wufei.”

Those almond eyes snapped, but more than that was the stinging pain of betrayal. Quatre could feel it, almost as strong as his worry for Duo. “This shouldn't be happening,” Wufei murmured. His fists clenched.

“I know. I agree. I'll look after him as best I can, Wufei. I promise.”

Wufei nodded. “You're a good man, Winner.” He looked about ready to punch the wall, but he didn't. Instead he turned away. “I've given up the ability to do that for him,” he murmured. “I'm too weak to do anything for him.”

“Wufei...” Quatre stepped all the way into the hallway and gently touched Wufei's shoulder. “I think... Duo will understand why you did what you did, and will be humbled by it. But I think, right now, he needs your help, help that you can only give him if you wear your badge. Is there a way you can just put it on, just for now? Just until he's safely free.”

Wufei shook his head. “This entire thing is happening because everyone believes we five need to work together. Even if Treize tries to manipulate Maxwell into helping, the outcome will be the same. Maxwell will refuse, and so will I. Trying to manipulate us...” His fists clenched. “As long as those in power attempt to manipulate us, Maxwell and I will continue to fight them, as well.”

Quatre frowned. The pride of the independent was strong, he supposed. He was always willing to work with others, even excited to. But for those like Duo and Wufei and even Heero, sometimes, working with others meant moving toward the same goal. As long as the path was one they wanted to take, they didn't care much if others walked it with them. But as soon as the paths split...

“I'll watch after him.”

“...Thank you.”

It was somehow painful to watch that strong back walk ramrod straight to the elevators.


Duo took a look around as Heero took off the handcuffs. Boring, man – a single cell, solitary holding, because of the threat to his life. A single cot, a hard-looking one, and a shelf on the wall in case he wanted to stick his shit up there. Like he had anything.

“Are you sure?” Heero asked. Duo looked back at him and saw the man studiously looking at the manacles.

“...I'm sure.”

Heero recognized the steel in Duo's voice and resigned himself. “Then so be it. Duo Maxwell, or rather, Shinigami, we've arrested you for theft, fraud, and vigilantism. You will be kept here until further notice. If the court grants you bail-”

“Yuy, I know the drill. I read the books.” Duo moved over to the cot and jumped on it, lying down and putting his hands behind his head. When he turned to Heero, he was still standing stone-faced in front of the cell door. “You gonna leave that door open all day, Yuy? I might just make a break for it, you know.”

“And go where?” Heero asked sardonically.

Duo shrugged. “I could disappear. The only reason you guys found me was because I was staying nearby, and then only because that Quatre guy's pretty special.”

Heero frowned. “And why would you disappear? There are men after you, and you want to take down Romefeller, too. Whether you admit it or not.”

Duo shrugged, not bothering to answer that one. The walls were boring. He'd be tired of looking at them in no time.

“Duo, just join us!” Heero said suddenly. “Just let this whole thing drop. We both want the same thing!”

“I'm not willing to be chained down,” Duo gritted out. “And I don't respond to threats well. Especially from cops.”

Heero's lips thinned. Duo could plainly see anger in that cool gaze, but it was tempered by iron control. “You had no trouble when you were helping us before.”

“Exactly,” Duo hissed, glaring up at him from the bed, refusing to stand again despite the odd feel of having Heero even higher above him than usual. “Helping, asshole. On my own time and on my own terms. Not joining you, and certainly not because you threatened me with jail time.”

“You responded when my life was on the line.”

Duo gritted his teeth and turned away, clenching his eyes shut. He didn't want to be reminded of that. “Well that was something else entirely, now wasn't it?”

“I don't see how. Romefeller could kill countless in this war they're trying to create.”

Duo wanted to say that he wasn't the type to care, but he was. “Well then stop them.”

“Duo, dammit, it doesn't have to end like this! Just swallow that pride of yours and join us! We're not asking for anything more than what you've already been doing – just hack through files and give us information, and preferably before Romefeller starts something! We could end this anticlimactically, without any more loss, if you'd just work with us!”

“And then what?” Duo snarled, finally pushing himself up onto one elbow. “And then I just walk away, no damage done, even though I'd become something I despise? I won't sacrifice myself for anyone, but especially not for the likes of cops.”

Heero Yuy just charged right up to him and bent down and glared at him, faces inches apart. “Cop or not, we're doing the right thing.”

“Are you?” Duo hissed. “Is being manipulated like that acceptable? Do you think it's okay, Lieutenant?”

Heero bared his teeth like fangs. “I am a cop because I believe I can-”

“You can bring peace, save lives, yeah, I know. I read your profile, remember?” Duo grinned a bit crazily at the furious look on that face. “So what? Somehow these methods don't seem all that peaceful. But neither were J's. Maybe your opinions have changed after working under him?”

Heero slammed a hand on Duo's cot. “Of course not! Don't be ridiculous.”

“Wufei's in it for the justice, right? Seems he's taken umbrage with Khushrenada's methods and finally snapped.”

“Aren't you ashamed?!” Heero yelled, and he leaned forward and snagged Duo's arm. “He's giving up everything for you! The least you could do is show some remorse!”

“Why?” Duo asked calmly. “He's a grown man and he made his own decisions.” Not that he wasn't feeling guilty for it anyway, but that was beside the point. “He made the decision that was best for him, just like what I'm doing now.”

Somehow Duo's words seemed to cut Heero's thread, because he just kind of... backed off. Without another word, the man let go and backed away. He seemed a bit... unbalanced. “You have... that kind of faith in him?”

Duo jumped a little, surprised by the question. “I guess. Don't you? You are his partner.”

Heero made a rude noise. “The two of you really do have a strange bond.”

“So do you,” Duo noted, a little miffed to hear Yuy talk about his friendship like that. “So what?”

Yuy seemed unable to reply again; he just stood there for a while, clenching one of the jail cell bars, his back carefully turned so Duo couldn't see his face. Slowly that fist unclenched and fell to his side, and then silently the cop walked out, shutting the cell door behind him.

Duo considered about fifteen sarcastic remarks before just letting the man stride his confident gait out.

Hell. He was toast.

He touched a finger to his lips and sighed. Even if he acted like a schoolgirl, he couldn't help the fact that Heero's kiss had shifted something in him that probably shouldn't have moved.

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