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Ad Vitam Aeternam (For All Time)
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Anakin is punished for his plans and sent to act as servant to a young boy named Caius. Without an ounce of free will, how will Anakin make it back to his world uncowed? And what about Caius?

Rated R for yaoi, language, violence, and other adult themes.

Ad Vitam Aeternam
This is the inspiration for this story. It is not mine, but I don't know who's it is.


Prologue: The Punishment

Chapter One: The Servant

Chapter Two: The Master

Chapter Three: The Father

Chapter Four: The School

Chapter Five: The Order

Chapter Six: The Aftermath

Chapter Seven: The Dream

Chapter Eight: The Weekend

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Every story unless otherwise claimed is Kayura's, and is copyrighted 2006 under her name.