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Chapter Ten: Remedies

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Chapter Ten


She knew that deep within his heart,
He wished that they were here.

The first thing Torrin noticed was the energy his body was channeling furiously. He could Feel the energy actively healing him. He blushed when he found where the energy was heading. Why was he bleeding there?

Then he remembered: Darian had jumped his bones far too quickly without any ointment. He vaguely remembered the feel of ripping flesh. Had he orgasmed even after that?

He thought his face would combust just thinking about it.

Darian hadn't seemed to be himself. There'd been hardly any foreplay. No teasing. Darian had said only one word – need. Need what? Sex? Why?

He found that he was afraid to wake up. Why had Darian done that? Darian had never hurt him when they had sex before. Why now? Why had Darian hurt him?

But it was inevitable that he awaken, and he knew worry for Darian would keep him from getting more rest.

And besides... Mother Nature called.

He surfaced with a twitch as he opened his eyes. He saw Darian, keeping watch tensely, turn to him at the sign of movement. When he saw Torrin's eyes were open, Darian moved quickly to his side.

Torrin looked around him and quickly noticed that they weren't in the same location as they had been. Darian must have carried him again. It was light out, though Torrin didn't know whether to add 'still' or 'again' to the end of that. The trees were more sparse than before. They were near the edge of the forest. The rangers couldn't safely pass the end of the forest, could they? They were already placing themselves in danger by passing the border and going into official Coran territory. Leaving the safety of the forest would be bad.

Darian dared to touch Torrin's forehead, testing apparently for fever. Then he looked into Torrin's eyes. “How are you feeling?”

Torrin thought about, thought about the wound he'd received. “Not so bad. But I'm... tired.” Healing himself was always different than healing other because he, too, suffered from both using his energy and coming down off the energy high.

“Good.” Darian's voice may have turned brusque, but Torrin saw his hand tremble when he moved it to touch Torrin's cheek.

Darian moved again, this time to a patch of grass covered with fresh leaves, which in turn were covered with berries and three things of meat, two rabbits and another unknown. A weasel? Long and slim, but he could hardly tell. In any case, it was far too much to just catch and eat.

Darian had killed them on the hope that Torrin would be able to use their energy.

Torrin smiled at Darian's thoughtfulness. Whatever had occurred last night, Darian hadn't meant to hurt him. He vaguely remembered Darian's panicked voice before he'd fallen unconscious.

He tried to get up and winced. The pain was endurable, though, so he again attempted to move into a sitting position.

Darian saw what he was doing and moved to his side. “Stop, little medic. Don't try to move.”

“But we have to hurry,” Torrin argued. “The enemy-”

“Your patient already met with us,” Darian told him, shocking him speechless. “He's trying to keep his men away for as long as possible.”

“His men?” Torrin tried to wrap his brain around this development. “When did he...? Why?”

Darian chuckled. “Eat and I'll explain.” He held out a dew berries and went back to the stash by the cooked meat.

Torrin obediently chewed the berries.

Darian handed him more berries and some of the meat, which had turned cold. Torrin chewed whatever was put in front of him. Darian sighed. “I was carrying you when I felt him nearby. By the time I had you safely on the ground and my sword in hand, he was practically right behind me. But he didn't attempt to attack.”

“What are you going to do with him?”

Darian held up his sword in a prepared posture even as he answered. “I'm taking him with me.”

“To where? Your castle?”


“He doesn't belong in that world.”

How well Darian knew that his little medic was far too good. Dar too innocent. Those he rubbed elbows with would tear him to shreds if given the chance. “I'll protect him.”

There was a hesitation, a pause. Darian knew the enemy would be considering his words. Corans were not known for their protective tendencies or their kindness. “Why?”

That was something Darian was not willing to answer. What he wanted to know was why this man had come alone. “Because he is mine.”

“Yours?” The man sounded like he wanted to lecture Darian on the capability of owning a human being.

Darian growled. “Yes.” He would kill to keep his Torrin by his side.

The next pause lasted for a few minutes. “I see.” Those two words held enough meaning to make the hair on Darian's arms prickle. “I will lead my men astray. Make certain you get as far away as you can with that injury of yours.”

So, he had seen the blood, just as Darian knew they would. He didn't correct the man's mistake. It served him more for them to think the blood was his. “I won't thank you.”

“I'm not doing it for you,” the man answered, and Darian listened as the man returned the way he had come.

“So he's buying us time,” Torrin said around bites bites of meat. “Let's get going.”

“You are hardly healed,” Darian said. “No.”

Torrin hesitated hesitated for a second. “Then carry me.”

Darian cocked an eyebrow. “And that will not irritate your wound?” Damn that sarcastic tone! And why did hearing it make Torrin smile?

Torrin just shook his head. “It'll hurt less than running.”

Darian could only stare. It was certainly imperative that they get out of the forest, especially now, while the enemy was on a false trail. But...

“You are hardly ready to be moved again.”

Torrin seemed to firm his resolve. “Try me.”

Darian hesitated for a moment longer before making his decision. He looked again at the food and grimaced before picking up the food and throwing it in random directions, keeping a hold of a few larger fruits and a bit of rabbit meat. Darian used the shirt he'd worn beneath his armor to pack up the food and bent, handing it to Torrin. Torrin took it, not saying anything. Somehow, he knew Darian wouldn't want to hear anything right now.

Darian was infinitely gentle as he picked Torrin up, but it didn't stop the sharp shock of pain that lanced out from his injury. He bit his lip, but still he moaned.

Darian grimaced in sympathy. “I... I must apologize-”

Torrin stopped him quickly, knowing Darian's pride had taken a major hit. “It's fine. You weren't yourself.” Which rose a thousand questions inside him, but he knew asking them would be a bad idea.

Darian grimaced again, but said nothing.

Torrin looked around as the trees grew more and more sparse. It was after lunch that a field rose up in their vision. It was large and held minimal covering. The grass grew wild, probably up to Darian's calves in places. Still, Darian's black armor and Torrin's shirt would stick out for too much to be able to hide in the grass. Darian paused before walking out.

Darian's body was so tense Torrin was uncomfortable. Darian didn't grip him too tightly, but his arms were like marble. He felt like he was being held by a statue. He bit his lip again to not complain. Darian was concentrating.

Darian seemed to decide that it was safe for the moment cautiously stepped out. He tensed again. Torrin wondered what was happening with his eyes, remembering the way Darian's eyes blanked when he was preparing for or in the middle of battle.

Darian's progress was slow but certain. Torrin willed his body to heal. He was taking up part of Darian's attention and leaving him defenseless.

Darian began moving much faster. Torrin said nothing, but tasted blood on his tongue from his teeth on his lips.

Suddenly Darian did a flying leap to the side. Torrin gasped in pain as they landed. Agony spiked up from his injury. The blood on his lip ran more freely as he pushed down on a moan.

Darian leaped again. This time Torrin saw the arrow that just barely missed Darian's back.

And then the next thing he knew, he was dumped to the ground. The landing wasn't as bad as he'd thought it should have been. Darian had made it so he landed more on his legs and back than his butt. Darian snatched up Torrin's bow and ripped an arrow from his quiver.

It was all lightning-fast. One moment Darian was evading an attack with Torrin in his arms, the next Torrin was on the ground watching as Darian notched an arrow and sent it flying. There was a cry of pain and a far-distant thump. Torrin could only stare.

“Arrow. Arrow now!”

Torrin unthinkingly fumbled with his quiver and grabbed an arrow. He passed it to Darian's waiting hand. Without looking at it, Darian flipped it around, notched it, and let it sail. Another agonized scream rent the air.

Torrin ended up handing him three more, each resulting in a scream of pain. Torrin could only gaze in awe, shocked by Darian's skill.

Finally, Darian stopped yelling for arrows and listened. The bow was still held at the ready, even as he searched for more enemies. “Your patient has left now. He has to report his failure to whoever sent him those extra men.”

“You didn't kill him,” Torrin murmured, shocked and pleased. Why hadn't Darian killed his patient? The man was his enemy.

Darian paused for a moment before simply saying, “no.” He turned and gave Torrin the bow. Torrin could only stare at it. He didn't have the skill Darian did. Would he ever? He wanted to snort at the thought. He was a concubine now, and the enemy was gone. There would be no reason for him to learn. No chance for him to.

He looked off into the distance, full of grass and flowers and the unknown. Where was Coran Castle? What would his life be like there?

Darian bent down beside him. “How do you feel?”

Torrin took a quick inventory. Nothing new. “I'm fine.” He ignored, or tried to ignore, the pain from his injury and the questions it rose within him.

Darian seemed to notice Torrin's actions. His eyes got a bit sadder. For the first time, Torrin thought he sensed loneliness coming from the strong, unflappable prince. And whether he'd imagined it or not, it made the prince... even more endearing.

What the hell was he thinking? Darian was hardly an endearing character. He was arrogant, rude, base, vulgar, bossy... and kind. A kind man in Corath, let alone the prince, would be destroyed in seconds.

Was that why the prince acted so cruel? Why he hardly showed kindness? But Torrin had seen it. He wasn't blind. A kind man... Darian was indeed a kind man.

And Torrin would protect him with his life.

Darian lifted him up after placing the bow and tied-up shirt, now only containing minimal food, back on top of him. His hands were gentle, his brow furrowed a bit in concentration. Torrin bit his lip to try to stop the groan of pain, but gasped as he bit into open wounds.

Darian homed in on the sound, his eyes narrowing at the sight of the abused lip. “Fool medic,” he murmured, “you're hurting yourself even more.”

Torrin averted his gaze and said nothing making Darian give out an exasperated sigh. “Fine, then,” Darian said.

They traveled in silence from then until the night. A village could be seen in the distance, beyond a little creek. Darian stopped by that creek. “We'll rest here and go into the village in the morning. From there we'll get a carriage. It will be a two-day trip to the castle if we move non-stop.” Which of course they would, Torrin though wryly. Darian had made a point of finding poisonous snakes and killing them, to the point where Torrin was exhausted but about ninety-eight percent healed. He had actually fallen asleep in Darian's arms for a couple of hours. But they had traveled in complete silence.

Torrin jumped a bit at the sudden sound of Darian's husky voice. Darian's arms had never grown tired of their burden. It made Torrin wonder just how strong Darian's panther-like arms truly were.

Darian seemed to watch Torrin closely as they ate. Torrin wondered why but said nothing. He had a feeling he already knew the question and the reason for it. A part of him was scared, but... he trusted Darian to not just him again.

Food gone, Darian reached out and cupped Torrin's cheek. “If you don't want this, if you aren't ready, tell me now.”

Torrin looked into Darian's chocolate gaze and said nothing.

Darian growled and lifted Torrin up, taking him into the tiny creek. It was cold, making Torrin shiver, but it was clean. Darian tugged at Torrin's hair, forcing Torrin's throat to stretch for easier access. His hair became soaked in the water, but his face was dry. Shallow. The creek was shallow. The sand beneath him was soft, feather-light. The cold water soaked his clothes.

Darian dipped down to lick at Torrin's already-healed lip, then to delve inside his mouth. His attack was relentless, his hands already ridding himself of armor and clothes. He took off Torrin's own clothes then, slick with water, already filling with sand.

Small waves lapped onto Torrin's arms, seeped into his rear, flowed along his back. When Darian bent down to suck on a nipple, Torrin arched into him on a gasp. A hand wrapped around him to keep him up while the prince's tongue worked magic. He wrapped his arms around Darian's head, clutching his hair. He groaned. Good. It felt so damn good.

Darian chuckled, his breath fanning against Torrin's nipple. Torrin could only moan.

“Do you want me?” Darian whispered.

“Unh,” Torrin managed, nodding.

“Say it,” Darian ordered. He licked his way down to Torrin's navel.

Torrin moaned again. “I want you.” He had never wanted anything more in his life.

“Do you need me?” Darian punctuated his question by carefully cupping Torrin's balls.

“Yes!” Torrin cried, arcing his back a bit more.

He felt Darian move above him, but his eyes couldn't focus enough. He suddenly felt Darian's breath against his cock and cried out softly. “Say it,” Darian whispered against his tip.

“I need you. Darian, please...” He tried to raise his hips, but Darian's other hand, the one not holding up his back, stopped him.

“Will you stay with me?” He licked Torrin's tip, then blew on it.

Torrin practically screamed. “Yes! Yes, I'll stay with you!”

“Promise,” Darian spoke before taking Torrin's tip in his mouth. Torrin's jerk was effectively cut off.

“Yes! I swear it. I swear I'll stay with you!”

Darian praised him with a tongue that flowed up from the base of Torrin's cock to the tip. Then Darian left.

“Darian! Please...”

Darian chuckled above him. “Turn around.”

Confused but in desperate need, Torrin did as he was told. He gasped as his turgid member was touch by the sand and waves. He groaned as Darian's arm slid down to his stomach, lifting his ass into the air.

Darian slid a wet finger into Torrin's entrance. Torrin froze for a moment, waiting for the pain, but it never came. Instead Darian hit that special spot and made Torrin cry out. Darian hit it again, then again. When he added another finger and touched that spot once more, he was afraid he'd come. The water lapping at his nipples and member was a new torture, a new delight that he didn't know how much longer he'd be able to withstand.

“Not yet,” Darian chuckled, carefully adding a third finger. This time the pain didn't last longer than a second, and meant nothing compared to the rising ecstasy inside him. “Darian, Darian, please...

“Please what?”

“Please... in me... please...”

“Yes,” Darian growled, lifting Torrin a bit higher. Torrin felt Darian's member entering him slowly. So slowly. He groaned. It was a new position. Strange. Delicious.

Finally Darian was in to the hilt. He waited for Torrin to adjust, waited for Torrin to start squirming. Then he moved.

Slow. It was too slow! Torrin could only cry out, could only plead for Darian to go faster. The water against him lapped just as slowly. He felt the heat rise until he thought he'd go mad from it. “More,” he begged, writing beneath his lover, needing release more than breath. The heat only grew as his pleas were ignored.

“Please, Darian... master... please-”

Darian finally began to move then, a bit faster, a bit faster, a gradual rise. The heat inside only grew more, more and more until he couldn't feel anything but Darian's cock inside him. There was a roar in his head that blocked out any sound.

Then, Darian's voice, cutting in - “scream for me when you come. Scream for me.

And a hand came to pump him, quicker and quicker. The heat grew and grew and then exploded throughout his entire body.

“DARIAN!” He screamed in his release as Darian continued to pump him until he was empty. Darian yelled out Torrin's name, filling Torrin completely. Then they sagged to the water together. Torrin couldn't care less if he drowned, but Darian's arm came beneath his head. Content and exhausted, he fell to sleep, Darian's member still embedded inside of him and Darian himself a comfortable weight on his back.

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